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Third International Confraternal Event 2018

Event Details

This event is open to all members of the Confraternity of the Rose Cross (CR+C), Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica (OMCE) and the British Martinist Order (BMO) and in the words of the Imperator: “I most certainly would like to take this opportunity to encourage each of you to attend if you are so inclined and if it is at all possible within your schedules. Truly your presence, attitude, the sharing of your thoughts, and personal participation in our group work will go a long way to help all of use to accomplish our goals in both the physical and spiritual realms.”

Note, for members of the CR+C only, there will be the opportunity to take the 4th Temple Degree Initiation and a pre-registration form is included with the event registration form.

If you should like to attend please complete and return the attached booking form and make the required minimum deposit payment of $75USD by cheque or money order payable to N.A.P. – O.M.C.E or via PayPal at:

Third International Confraternal Event 2018 Registration Form

Please also read the letter from our Imperator regarding the event from which the above quotation was taken:

Letter From The Imperator