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Related Studies in Kabala

Knowledge of kabala can be helpful to the individual's effort to advance along the path of spiritual evolution. This section has been organized by Jack Courtis and reflects the choices and views of his personal research.

Why Studies in Kabala

The Rosicrucian tradition and kabala are related at a deep level because they come from one truth. That truth is so abstract, that it requires metaphors, symbols and parables to explain it. The importance of that truth is that it leads to personal transformation and liberation. More

To a Beginner Student

There are many books and many web sites giving the basics of kabala. This site does not intend to repeat what everybody else is doing. Instead it offers something different, a unique approach. If you are new to kabala you may find this information and links to other more traditional kabala sites very helpful. More

Kabala Library

The Kabala Library contains a particular interpretation of kabala as a means to liberation. This collection of articles on kabala in western esoteric traditions may enable you to gain a balanced perspective of the entire subject.  More

Web Links

Links to other Kabala web sites offer subjects like: Applied Kabala, Related Studies, Traditional Kabala, or Basics of Kabala.  More

Note: The word kabala has many spellings in today's English and some of them include: kabbalah, kabalah, kabbala, cabbala, cabala, cabalah, cabbalah, qabalah or qabbalah.