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Greek Kabala Part 16

by Jack Courtis

The 10 steps of the Christ Journey are performed in reverse order on the Tree, that is, from bottom to top, from Kingdom to First Principle. That is why we begin as Probationers. We are on probation until we receive Inspiration from Knowledge. Then we proceed with divine guidance to the end of the Journey.

Step 1 – Kingdom

The Gospels are very clear that the Kingdom is at hand all around us, but we cannot see it. We need a Virgin Birth experience in order perceive our inheritance. First, this means that Mary the Virgin is right here in this metaphysical place. Please refer back to the first step in the feminine journey as to who she is and what she means. Secondly, she is the dark yin aspect and polar opposite of the light yang aspect that exists in the First Principle. Without this great polarity the Tree of Life would not manifest. Thirdly, to experience the required state of consciousness we must practice the 12 disciplines because they are the minimum standard of behaviour. Fourthly we must have performed the combined, feminine and masculine journeys. Self-gratification is a lot easier isn’t it? From now on all comments will be made on the assumption that the three lower journeys (combined, feminine, masculine) have been completed.

Step 2 – Foundation

We need the change of consciousness symbolised by the Baptism. There are in fact three baptisms: water, Holy Spirit and fire (Matthew 3:11; Luke 3:16), because there are three pillars on the Tree of Life and three stages to the Christ Journey. Baptism is a change of consciousness. As Step 2, it is the Foundation of our spiritual experience. The first path for us to tread is a (alfa) attributed to the Moon. Here the journey of the deep masculine, the ascent of the soul, begins to emerge because we are taking this step in full consciousness. Our personal Baptism is a change of consciousness. Now we have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Step 3 – Greatness

Throughout the Gospels, Peter is depicted as having trouble grasping what is required of him until Pentecost, when he is infused with the Holy Spirit. Thus we see the left brain intellect transformed into Imagination. To get to him we must tread the paths of b (beta), Aries, from Kingdom and d (delta), Gemini, from Foundation. Here we get to the key to unlocking the rigid and merciless fate that awaits us. This is where we become conscious of the workings of fate and therefore, of the effects of our moral choices. This is true Greatness.

Step 4 – Victory

To experience Mary Magdalene we must tread the paths of g (gamma), Taurus, from Kingdom, e (epsilon), Mercury on the ascent of the soul from Foundation and h (eta), Venus on the ascent of the soul from Greatness. She is the Victory of desire over intellect. This is the basis for Intuition as a spiritual faculty. We feel truth rather than perceive it as concepts. Our moral choices are instinctively correct rather than calculated. This is a different way of approaching our fate. Remember how Mary washes Jesus’ feet with her tears and wipes them with her hair? In the end she anoints Him and it is her intuition that guides her moral choice. It is her intuition that transforms her from prostitute into priestess. We can learn a great deal from Mary.

Step 5 – Goodness

This is the Transfiguration and it changes our nature completely. We tread the path of z (zeta), Cancer from Foundation, q (theta), Earth from Greatness and k (kappa), Leo from Victory. Goodness is revealed in the person of Christ as He is thoroughly transformed. He is flanked by Elijah as the left pillar of Righteousness and Moses as the right pillar of Mercy. Beneath Him are Peter (path from Greatness), James (path from Foundation) and John (path from Victory). For the whole experience, refer to Matthew 17:1-27, Mark 9:2-32 and Luke 9:28-45. This is where we are able to exercise moral choice in such a way as to set into motion the mystery of the forgiveness of sins and efface our karma. This is the experience that breaks the deadlock of implacable fate and allows us to work towards our liberation. It does not mean that the way ahead is easy, far from it, but now we have a good basis for faith and belief. For us, such an internal transformation, is yet another change of consciousness. We are now able to make conscious and deliberate moral choices with the express purpose of changing our fate and our future incarnations.


Greatness + Victory = Goodness; Imagination + Intuition = Choice


Step 6 – Power

Only John the Baptist has such Power. He is approached by i (iota) and the Sun on the ascent of the soul from Greatness (is he not great?) and via m (mi) and Libra from Goodness (is he not good?). He is the great Illuminator and performs the rite that begins Christ’s mission. He has a similar function for us, if we can use our Imagination. Remember that the path of the Sun connects Imagination directly with Illumination. There is a very close relationship between Illumination and Initiation as we shall see with John the Beloved. The Power to illuminate flows into the glory revealed by our initiation.

Step 7 – Glory

The love embodied by John the Beloved can only be described as Glory because no other word is adequate. If you have followed the Journey so far, Imagination plus Intuition lead to Choice. We can then choose Illumination and Initiation. The steps are cumulative in their effect. Be very certain that at this stage of our inner journey, there are no accidents and no random, meaningless events. Everything that occurs to us is the result of our choices. We choose Initiation either consciously or unconsciously. It is often a very painful experience. We approach John via l (lambda), Virgo from Victory, n (ni), Scorpio from Goodness and o (omicron), Mars on the ascent of the soul from Power. We can see that the steps are cumulative in their effect and they are building up to a climactic event, the Knowledge that can only come from Death and Resurrection.

Non-Sphere – Knowledge

This is the Crucifixion. Notice how the paths literally cross at this point on the Tree. Traditionally this place on the Tree is regarded as the Abyss and this explains why Knowledge is not a sphere in actual manifestation. It has to be brought out of the darkness by blood and sacrifice, by Death and Resurrection. Only by dying and living again do we know; all else is idle speculation. But from Knowledge comes Inspiration and this guides us with certainty and truth. Is the sacrifice worth it or is "feel good" better? There is no polite way to say this: we must offer ourselves up for Crucifixion as a living sacrifice. The result is Gnosis and that is yet again, a radical change in consciousness. The moral choices we make to activate the forgiveness of sins must have a higher purpose than simply to let us off the hook of our fate. By choosing with Knowledge we gain the Inspiration to do God’s work. There can be no other reason for struggling to get to this point.


We approach the Death and Resurrection experience via x (xi), Water from Goodness, r (rho), Capricorn from Power and t (tav), Pisces from Glory. Mary Magdalene is here and her experience is part of the process of bringing Knowledge out of the darkness. This change of consciousness is so radical that we can hardly imagine what it may mean. That is why it has to be experienced and not read about. The literal crossing of the paths is significant and indicates that our personal crucifixion is not merely a symbolic statement.

To get to Knowledge from below its position on the Tree we follow the formula:

Knowledge  =  Goodness + Power + Glory Þ  Inspiration = Choice + Illumination + Initiation

Understanding the formula gives us an insight into the process. Knowledge transmutes into Inspiration as a consequence of our Choice to undergo Illumination and Initiation. In turn, the Choice for Inspiration is the Choice for personal Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection. What will we choose when we get to this point? Self-gratification, "feel good", avoidance, denial? We have already made all of these choices in the past. The above diagram helps us to understand our position by putting all the spheres into a context of Crucifixion because above Knowledge we have Understanding, Wisdom and First Principle. Follow the paths:

Initiation (Glory) Þ Inspiration (Knowledge) Þ Understanding
Illumination (Power) Þ Inspiration (Knowledge) Þ Wisdom
Choice (Goodness) Þ Inspiration (Knowledge) Þ First Principle

Knowledge is transmuted into Inspiration by the Crucifixion and this is put into motion by Choice, our personal choice for Death and Resurrection. Do you still want to know?