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Quest for the Holy Grail

Quest for the Holy Grail


The Quest for the Holy Grail is about self transformation and personal liberation. It demonstrates a remarkable similarity with kabalistic and hermetic traditions. There is a unifying principle that is at the heart of all of these ways of thought, which can only be grasped by symbols, analogies and myths. This series gives plenty of mythology in the discourses and points to the underlying principle of unity. However the student will get most benefit from reading the discourses and then following the story presented in the guided visualizations (a supporting article).

This series is not left brain intellectual. It is about right brain insight and intuition. Some of the imagery is disturbing and rightly so. We are not playing games or entertaining children. The process of liberation is a serious business and it can bring pain and anguish to the seeker on the path. However, help and compassion are always at hand.

Jack Courtis