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Kabala... Jewish or Greek?
(Part 2)

by Jack Courtis

Let us look more closely at the question of the ethnic origin of kabala. The Apocalypse of John (Book of Revelations), is the connection between Greek and Jewish kabala on the one hand and the hermetic tradition on the other. It comes from the famous statement of Christ that he is the Alfa and Omega. This occurs in Ch 1, but we must observe carefully that there are 3 references in v 8, v 11 and v 17.

In the expression "I am the Alfa and the Omega, beginning and ending", there are 10 words. We now must go forward in the text and observe that in v 11 the expression "I am the Alfa and the Omega the first and the last" has 12 words, and in v 17 the expression "I am the first and the last" has 7 words. The concept of first/last, beginning/ending, is repeated 3 times. What do we have? The number system of Genesis Ch 1, (10, 3, 7, 12), is repeated in the Apocalypse Ch 1. Let us see this in Greek just to make sure:

greek110 words
12 words - repeated 3 times
7 words


Why is this the same as the number system in Genesis Ch 1? Have you counted how many times the text reads:

  • God said,
  • God made,
  • God saw,
  • The remaining references to God?

Have you worked out how this relates to the Tree of Life? Do you see why the number system is the compass and the Tree of Life is the map on the inner journey of life? Do you understand why they lead to liberation?

Read on.