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To a Beginner Student

There are many books and numerous web sites giving the basics of kabala. We do not intend to repeat what everybody else is doing. On this page, we have a number of links to other kabala web sites so the beginner can navigate both cyberspace and the metaphysical place of the Tree of Life. The wonderful thing about the internet is that for the first time, people have a concrete example to think about, when trying to comprehend metaphysical principles. Cyberspace does not have the dimensions of length, width and height. It has neither a physical location nor a material existence. Yet its reality is obvious.

Think of the Tree as analogous to the internet. Each sefira is a web site and each path is a hypertext link between the sefirot. Each sefira is a state of consciousness or awareness, while the path is the subjective experience of moving between the sefirot. The Tree of Life is as real as any part of cyberspace. The "mouse click" that gets us from one sefira to the next, is our deliberate visualization that it is so. The "icons" that we click on, are the symbols of the sefirot and the paths. The "computer screen" is our own screen of consciousness. Our meditations create the thought forms that act as "intelligent agents" that move through the "cyberspace" of the Tree in the 4 Worlds. The analogies can be continued.

Our point is that we are offering something different. Please explore the links to other kabala web sites, if you are looking for the basics. On this site, we offer you kabala as a means to personal transformation and liberation. This is quite different from what you will normally see and read elsewhere.