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Research Notes

The following articles are research notes I have compiled over the course of several years of research in the preparation of a larger work I am intending to publish on behalf of our Orders. These articles are notes. They are works in progress and, as such, are likely to change and evolve as my research evolves. It is because it will be some time in the future before I finish this project, I am making my research to date available to those who may be interested. My notes are almost exclusively handwritten, but I will type them up from time to time and make them available here. As there are a considerable number of notes, this page will be updated as new ones are posted.


Included in the notes is a Glossary. As I oft times coin new words, use unfamiliar words so as to mark a new significance to old concepts, or use words in an unique manner that may have a different meaning than a definition might suggest, I will so include those words and the definition I use here so you can glean a better understanding of what I intend. I very often find that our languages do not adequately convey the more mystical meaning.

Sources used

I will always include a bibliography so that you may know my sources and be able to check into them for any reason you wish -- be it ranging from acquiring further information on the subject at hand, checking my understanding of the source, if you wish to challenge my conclusions or if you think they need more elaboration. Please feel free to contact me by email at your discretion. I welcome your insight and opinions. Please note that the format I use for the bibliography is intentional and that *only* sources I actually use in researching the subject at hand are included here. Where possible I always cross-check my sources when I am using a source that refers to an original study and/or is not from the original author.  I do not pad my sources with extraneous or unused references so I leave it up to you to find other source material on a subject if you wish to expand you own understanding with further reading. Finally, you will sometimes find an underscored line at the end of an article. That refers to the subject(s) of additional material that will be included at a later time.

Notes Description
On Lineages gls How we look at and address the topic of lineages within and without traditional orders.

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