Serving the ideals of the Rosicrucian Movement

Commentaries on the Chymical Wedding of C.R.C.

Now being gotten up thither also, and the hole shut again, I saw the globe hanging by a strong chain in the middle of the room. In this room was nothing else but mere windows, and still between two windows there was a door, which was covered with only a great polished looking-glass; and these windows and looking-glasses were so optically opposed one to another, that although the sun (which now shone exceeding bright) beat only upon one door, yet (after the windows towards the sun were opened, and the doors before the looking-glasses drawn aside) in all quarters of the room there was nothing but suns, which by artificial refraction beat upon the whole golden globe hanging in the midst, and for as much as the same (besides that brightness) was polished, it gave such a luster, that none of us could open our eyes, but were forced to look out the windows until the globe was well heated, and brought to the desired effect.

Is this the work of the sun mentioned in the Emerald Tablet? It is also the alchemical process of distillation. The globe symbolises the inner sun of Tiferet. The looking glasses are the enhanced capacity for seeing truth directly.

Here I may well avow that in these mirrors I have seen the most wonderful spectacle that ever Nature brought to light, for there were suns in all places, and the globe in the middle shined yet brighter, so that but for one twinkling of an eye, we could no more endure it than the sun itself. At length the Virgin commanded to close the looking-glasses again, and to make fast the windows, and so let the globe cool a little. This was done about seven of the clock, wherefore, we thought it to be good, since we might now have the leisure to refresh ourselves with a breakfast.

Distillation occurs when a heated liquid is allowed to cool. That this is the 7th hour, is significant.

This treatment was again right philosophical, and we had no need to be afraid of Virgin intemperance, yet we had no want. And the hope of the future joy (with which the Virgin continually comforted us) made us so jocund that we regarded not any pains, or inconvenience. And this I can truly say concerning my companions of high quality, that their minds never ran after kitchen or table, but their pleasure was only to attend upon this adventurous physic, and hence to contemplate the Creator’s wisdom and Omnipotency. After we had taken our food, we again settled ourselves to work, for the globe was sufficiently cooled, which with toil and labour we were to lift off the chain and set upon the floor. Now the dispute was how to get the globe in sunder, for we were commanded to divide the same in the midst. The conclusion was that a sharp pointed diamond would best do it. Now when we had thus opened the globe, there was nothing of redness more to be seen, but a lovely great snow-white egg.

This is the white stage of the Great Work. The product of distillation is the kosmic egg, born from the kosmic womb of the globe. This point is reinforced by CRC’s comment that "this treatment was right philosophical". He is referring to an alchemical process.

It most mightily rejoiced us, that this was so well brought to pass. For the Virgin was in perpetual care, in case the shell might still be too tender. We stood round about this egg as merry as if we ourselves had laid it. But the Virgin presently had it carried forth, and she departed from us again, and (as always) locked the door after her. But what she did abroad with the egg, or whether it were some fashion privately handled, I know not, neither do I believe it. My companions and I passed another quarter of an hour in rest, until the third hole were opened, and we by means of our instruments were come upon the fourth stone or floor. In this room we found a great copper kettle filled with yellow sand, which was warmed with a gentle fire. Afterwards the egg was raked up in it, that it might therein come to perfect maturity. This kettle was exactly square; upon one side stood these two verses, writ in great letters.

CRC ascends to the 4th level and hence commences the 4th process. It is also the yellow stage of the Great Work. The square kettle (of the 4 elements) contains the egg (Quintessence).


On the second side were these three words.

SANITAS.NIX.HASTA. {Health, Snow. Lance.}

The third had no more but this one word.

F.I.A.T. {It be!}

But on the hindermost part stood an entire inscription running thus.
Ignis: Aer: Aqua: Terra:
Cineribus Eripere non potuerunt.
Fidelis Chymicorum Turba

Fire: Air; Water: Earth
Were unable to rob
From the holy ashes
Was gathered, by the faithful flock
of Alchymists

The meaning of these inscriptions, is reserved for initiates of the rank of CRC. However, the 4 elements of alchemy are related to the ashes of the King and Queen. This is a step in the Great Work, because the ashes are gathered by alchemists and placed in the urn, which is a symbol for the physical body. The date, 1459 can be taken as a reference to, the 1st sefira Keter, the 4th sefira Chesed, the 5th sefira Gevurah and the 9th sefira Yesod. On the Tree, they form a cross. The date is in Arabic the mysterious language and the language of mysteries.

Now whether the sand or egg were hereby meant, I leave to the learned to dispute, yet I will do my part, and omit nothing from my exposition. Our egg being now ready was taken out, but it needed no cracking, for the bird that was in it soon freed himself, and showed himself very jovial, yet he looked very bloody and unshapen. We first set him upon the warm sand, so the Virgin commanded that before we gave him food to eat, we should be sure to bind the bird well, otherwise he would give us all work enough. This being done, the food was brought to him, which surely was nothing else than the blood of the beheaded, diluted again with prepared water.

We are not told what kind of bird this is, but can infer that it is the phoenix; the bird of resurrection. It is fed blood, About which we can again make an inference. It is congealed blood (although diluted with the Water of Life) and hence this is the alchemical process of coagulation.

Having eaten of this, the bird grew so fast under our eyes, that we well saw why the Virgin gave us such warning of him. He bit and scratched so devilishly about him, that could he have had his will upon any one of us, he would soon have dispatched him. Now he was wholly black, and wild, wherefore other meat was brought him, perhaps the blood of another of the Royal Persons, whereupon all his black feathers molted again, and instead of them there grew out snow-white feathers. He grew less wild too, and suffered himself to be more obedient. Nevertheless we did not yet trust him. At the third feeding his feathers began to be so curiously coloured, that in all my life I never saw the like of these colours. Such beauty! He was also now exceeding tame, and behaved himself so friendly with us, that (the Virgin consenting) we released him from his captivity.

The bird rapidly goes through the black and white stages again and on its 3rd feeding, goes into the 4th stage of the Great Work, usually described as the "Peacock" stage because of the brilliant colours that it produces. This stage being completed, the bird is released.

"It is now reason," began our Virgin, "since by your diligence, and our old man’s consent, the bird has attained both his life, and the highest perfection, that he be also joyfully consecrated by us." Herewith she commanded to bring dinner, and that we should again refresh ourselves, since the most troublesome part of our work was now over, and it was fit we should begin to enjoy our passed labours. We began to make ourselves merry together. Howbeit we had still all our mourning clothes on, which seemed somewhat reproachful to our mirth. Now the Virgin was perpetually inquisitive, perhaps to find which of us her future purpose might prove serviceable. But her discourse was for the most part about Melting; and it pleased her when one seemed expert in such compendious manuals as such knowledge commends an artist. This dinner lasted only three quarters of an hour, which we spent with our bird, whom we were ready constantly to feed with his meat, but he still continued much at the same growth.

When the virgin speaks of "melting" is she referring to the alchemical process of solution? Notice how the bird is constantly fed and how it grows.

After dinner we were not long suffered to digest our meat, but after that the Virgin together with the bird left us. The fifth room was set open to us, whither we got into after the former manner, and tendered our service. In this room a bath was prepared for our bird, which was so coloured with a fine white powder, that it had the appearance of milk. Now it was at first cool when the bird was set into it. He was mighty well pleased with it, drinking of it, and pleasantly sporting in it. But after it began to heat by reason of the lamps that were placed under it, we had much difficulty keeping him in the bath. We therefore clapped a cover on the kettle, and suffered him to thrust his head out through a hole, until he had through this process lost all his feathers in this bath, and was as smooth as a new-born child, yet the heat did him no further harm, at which I much marvelled, for in this bath the feathers were quite consumed, and the bath was thereby tinged with blue. At length we removed the lid, giving the bird air. He bounded out of the kettle, and was so glitteringly smooth, that it was a pleasure to behold it. But because he was still somewhat wild, we were fain to put a collar and chain about his neck, and with this, we led him up and down the room. Meantime a strong fire was made under the kettle, and the bath sodden away until it all came to a blue stone, which we took out, and having first pounded it, we were afterwards pleased to grind it on a stone, and finally with this colour to paint the bird’s whole skin over. Now he looked much more strangely, for he was all blue, except the head, which remained white.

Having gone to the 5th level, the alchemical process of solution is now performed and the bird goes through more colour changes. This includes the alchemical process of calcinating the blue stone. The procedure also includes giving the bird a bath and placing it inside the kettle. These are further alchemical steps. Why the collar and chain around its neck? Is there something about this alchemical process that must be kept under strict control?