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Benedict Spinoza - Philosopher, Mystic, Rosicrucian by Gary L. Stewart

The author, using Spinoza's disputed membership in the Rosicrucian order, gives five general points to verify any person's affiliation with the Rosicrucian movement. Good source of information on one of the world's greatest modern philosophers --labeled by many "the God-intoxicated philosopher."

Determining Rosicrucian Affiliation René Des-Cartes  (1596 - 1650) by Gary L. Stewart

An in-depth presentation of research and findings on René Descartes Rosicrucian affiliation. Interesting information on historical and traditional elements of Rosicrucianism.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox - Writer & Mystic Rosicrucian by Dr. John Palo

On the life and works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, one of America's great writers, who was instrumental in the establishment of the Rosicrucian movement in 20th Century America.

Perspective: The Importance of Versatility by Gary L. Stewart

About the need to establish a new perspective for examining reality. The author demonstrates how our perspective determines our universe and reality. Using the tarot as an example he demonstrates that the needed perspective can be ever-changing. Most importantly this essay points to a specific attitude required from a student searching for truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

Simon Studion, 1543-1605 (?) by H.C.A. Pass

On the life and legacy of the 16th century German mystic, writer and archaeologist Simon Studion. Interesting details and less known facts related to Simon's manuscript Naometria and his connection with Militia Crucifera Evangelica and the Rosicrucian movement.

The Tomb of CRC - The Symbolism of the Seven Sides by Jack Courtis

The foundation document of Rosicrucianism, the Fama Fraternitatis, gives much of its teaching in its description of the Tomb of CRC. The Tomb is described in the Fama as a seven sided vault with ten symbols on each of its walls. However they are neither described nor explained. The author shares his insights utilizing Dr Wynn Westcott's explanation of the seven walls in the tomb.