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This section presents a collection of writings on Rosicrucianism and related topics. We always welcome submissions to include in this section. If you have a paper (currently published or unpublished) that falls into this category, submit a copy to us for review. We hope to create here a forum for intelligent discussion and a rotating archive of recent scholarly writings.

Essays, Discourses, Articles

  • Actuality and Reality
    An in-depth discussion of these two, important concepts.
  • Ancient Egypt's Greatest Gift? The Memphite Stone.
    This article is about the Memphite (Shabaka) Stone commonly referred to as a creation stone. This famous black stone slab contains the oldest thoughts of men that have anywhere come down to us in written form.
  • A Dialogue on Dreaming
    Dreams and dreaming is an important and, yet, quite an obscure topic of the spiritual quest. The author approaches the subject in a style of a classical dialogue sharing some insightful observations.
  • A Mystery Is...
    An essay on the origin and meaning of the word mystery, with connections being traced to initiatic schools of Greece and Egypt.
  • Bacon and the Rose Cross
    From the book of James Phinney Baxter "The Greatest of Literary Problems, the authorship of the Shakespeare Works." The author addresses the issue of Sir Francis Bacon's involvement in the R+C. This article has been submitted by the "Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning" website at (
  • Cross, The
    An outlook on the historical and symbolical differences of the crosses.
  • Egregor
    In-depth, scholastic look at the origin and meaning of the word egregor. The author L.S. Bernstein ( brings to light many interesting and less known facts on the subject.
  • I am a Rose
    On the symbolism of "Ich bin eine Rose," a poem by Conrad Beissel (1691-1768)
  • Influence of Rosicrucian philosophy on the 17th century American Puritan - Edward Taylor.
    A look at the influence of Rosicrucian philosophy on Edward Taylor - a Puritan poet, philosopher and pastor. What's interesting to the Rosicrucian student is that Edward Taylor and other Puritans incorporated many of the Rosicrucian symbols and ideals into their practices. This is an excerpt from author's thesis entitled, Edward Taylor's Rosa Alchemica: Rosicrucian Metaphor and Puritan Conversion in the "Preparatory Meditations."
  • Intuition - An Essential Element of Mysticism
    Intuition is vital to mystical insight, yet comparatively little is written to clarify what it is or how it works. In this article, Charles Griffon gives a comprehensive explanation based upon the author's personal experiences of this fascinating phenomenon of human consciousness.
  • Law of Compensation - KARMA, The
    A study of meaning and implications of Karma.
  • Light
    Discourse on the meaning of word "Light" as used by Rosicrucians and other esoteric traditions.
  • Love and Compassion on the Mystical Path
    On the importance of these two elements in a spiritual quest.
  • Mystic Gifts From Ancient Egypt
    A discourse on some of the R+C traditional elements found in Ancient Egypt.
  • On the Spiritual Virtues
    Many esoteric traditions stress the need for virtuous life. The author treats the subject with his own, unique perspective.
  • Pantheism
    A discussion of this so encompassing subject, as seen and understood by a mystic.
  • Prayer - A Process - A Service
    Discourse on the meaning and function of prayer.
  • Perceptions of Numbers
    On the nature of numbers and their role in the creation. Written by H. Peter Aleff from the "RecoveredScience" website (
  • Reincarnation
    A "dialog" on memory.
  • Woman Wisdom
    An interesting discusion on the relation of phi, the mathematical constant, with the feminine aspect of God and Creation -- the Woman Wisdom. Written by H. Peter Aleff from the "RecoveredScience" website (