Serving the ideals of the Rosicrucian Movement

Expanded Collection


by Dr. John Palo

"I don't know if reincarnation is true because I don't remember."

"Ah! But you do remember! You just don't remember that you remember."

"How can I remember if I don't remember?"

"What you do so well, you do because youremember. But, you do not see yet that is because you remember. Our memory works through us; it does not wait far us to recognize this is so."

"We are what we have been. It is because we remember, even if we cannot yet see that we remember."

"We are but memory. It works. And, it is that which we are at this very moment. It does not have to wait for our remembrance of specific incidences. It is we who have to wait to receive those more specific incidences so we may consciously awaken to who we really are."

"In whatever we do, we seek to improve that which we remember, despite the fact we do not think we remember."

"Like an infant at its mother's milk we suck at our past. It feeds who we are, to make us what we will be."

"Working on our past lives' and present life's acquired talents is more important to us than remembering that this is our source. Our soul's evolution goes on and on. It does not have to wait upon our awakening to the reality of the process."

"I am what I have been, whether I recognize it or not."

"As we travel life's evolutionary path, I awaken more and more to what and who I have been."

"Let us concern ourselves only that we serve with our acquired talents even though they do not always reveal their source. Yet, as we so serve, we are led to know our source. Therefore, rather than questioning and challenging the very idea of who and what we are, let us pour ourselves into service from who and what we are, even if we don't think we remember that who and what we are is manifesting before our very eyes."

"God works through us, even if we deny God exists. Shall the blind deny light? Shall the deaf deny sound? The soul knows no blindness or deafness. These are but temporary mental states. All the blind shall see. All the deaf shall hear. All afflictions are temporary."

"Let us remember God is working a masterpiece in each living soul. God, the Sculptor, is not yet done with us. Every chip brings us closer. When God is finished, all will be revealed."


Copyright © 1999 Dr. John Palo