Serving the ideals of the Rosicrucian Movement

Membership Information

Membership in CR+C is open to all men and women over eighteen years
of age who wish to improve themselves and to serve humanity.

The Teachings

The Rosicrucian teachings of CR+C are a structured system of study and initiation designed to guide members in their quest for knowledge of self and the understanding of the natural and spiritual laws. Topics covered include: Intuition, Meditation, Visualization, Development of Will, the Nature of Matter and Perfecting the Physical Body.  The studies are structured in a series of Degrees.  Each Degree builds upon the previous one.  They are sent quarterly to members in the form of weekly lessons called monographs.


  • Personal growth and development
  • Regular mailings of the Teachings
  • Participation in local group meetings and esoteric activities where organized
  • Develop a Unity of Life

Applying for Membership

The CR+C offers a proven, traditional process for an individual's transformation and advancemrnt along the path of spiritual evolution. It is commonly known as the R+C path. That's how the Rosicrucians of antiquity worked, and that's what we continue today. You can learn and apply this process by joining the CR+C membership.

To review the application, or to apply for membership, please choose from the regions listed below. If your country is not listed below, please contact us to find out which administrative region you come under.

USA, Canada and South America
Europe, Africa & Australasia

If you have more questions regarding the CR+C membership, please drop us a line.