Serving the ideals of the Rosicrucian Movement

Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians


I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, saith the Lord,
God liveth in a Light, since no one can come to Him, or near Him.


This is the Omega, which has caused so many evil days and restless nights.


This is the trifling matter over which so many hundreds of people moaned in vain.


Notice here the eternal end without beginning, the eternal revolution and circle, in eternal love, willpower and centro Secret7 whose principle reveals itself since eternity began.


You will see in this the eternal nature in its seven apparitions, revealing itself in the centro Secret7 of the eternal bottomless depth since eternity began.


The Centrum of the eternal bottomless depth of light and darkness is in the infinite inexpressible width and depth everywhere. Therefore is said: The light inhabits the darkness and the darkness cannot grasp it.


An eternal holy fire -
An infinite God sent flame -
A heavenly secret -

The great indescribable spirit of fire, inexplorable in eternity.


Harmonious Conception of the Light of Nature.




The soul of men everywhere was lost through a fall, and the health of the body suffered through a fall, Salvation came to the human soul through IEHOVA, Jesus Christ. The bodily health is brought back through a thing not good to look at. It is hidden in this painting, the highest treasure in this world, in which is the highest medicine and the greatest parts of the riches of nature, given to us by the Lord IEHOVA. It is called Pator Metallorum, well known to the philosopher sitting in front of the mountain-cave, easy to obtain for anybody. But the sophists in their sophistic garb, tapping on the walls, recognise him not. At the right is to be seen Lepus, representing the art of chemistry, marvellously white, the secrets of which with fire's heat are being explored. To the left one can see freely what the right Clavis artis is; one cannot be too subtle with it, like a hen hatching a chicken. In the midst of the mountain, before the door stands a courageous Lion in all its pride, whose noble blood the monster-dragon is going to shed; throwing him into a deep grave, out of it comes forth a black raven, then called Ianua artis, out of that comes Aquila alba. Even the crystal refined in the furnace will quickly show you on inspection Servum fugitivum, a wonder-child to many artists. The one effecting this all is Principium laboris. On the right hand in the barrel are Sol and Luna, the intelligence of the firmament. The Senior plants in it Rad. Rubeam and albam. Now you proceed with constancy and Arbor artis appears to you, with its blossoms it announces now Lapidem Philosophorum. Over all, the crown of the glory, ruling over all treasures.

Be diligent, peaceful, constant and pious, pray that God may help thee. And if thou attain, never forget the poor. Then thou wilt praise God with the legion of the angels, now and forever.

Mercy - Choice

Light, strength, joy in the recognition of God's virtue and hymn of praise.

Darkness, evil-doing, fear in Godlessness, sin and vice.


Come ye to the Mercy-Seat.


Harsh, hard, cold, severe, sharp, sour, inclined to rudeness and earthliness, its desire consists out of these qualities


Fire or life, half in darkness, half in light, is the setting alight and the goal of separation.

Go ye to the
pit of fire

The being, made of of the forenemaed six spiritual qualities, in which they lie bodily and in readiness, as in their coffer.


Bitter, drawing and moving out of the harsh quality, which causes a sting within, and remains in that spirit, the existence of mobility.

Fear, heat, therein consists the sensibilities.



Is the power from the life of light, in it is fulfilled God's word of the cognition, sound, call and tone.


Light, love, fire, which burns in the oil of Mercy, in which consists the heavenly life.

Whenever the first three qualities of the first dark Principii gain the upper hand, then the others are tied up around their Centro and all seven are evil. Then Saturnus stands for avarice, Mercurius for envy, Mars for wrath, Sol for vanity, Venus for lewdness, Jupiter for cunning and Luna for bodily desire, which are the seven evil spirits ruling within the old human being.

But when the three in the Principio of light have the upper hand and are born out of the dark Centro, so that they are in accordance with their innermost depths of light, which is the new birth in man, all seven are good, and then Saturnius stands for compassion, Mercurius for doing good, Mars for gentleness, Sol for humility, Venus for chastity, Jupiter for wisdom, and Luna for Christ's flesh or body.